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Oscars 2012: Top 3 Best Dressed

This is kind of late, but here are my top three favorite looks from yesterday evening. I always look forward to watching the Oscars because I love both fashion and movies! I know the Oscars can be overly glamorized, but it’s still so fascinating to watch.

1. Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. I think coral is a very difficult color to wear in general, and to think how can someone pull it off on a red carpet dress! But Michelle did it, this dress looks absolutely beautiful against her pale complexion. The dress has such a unique structure and the silver bow pin is subtle yet compliments the dress. I think this is the dress where people will either love it or hate it. I looove it.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford. When I first saw her on the red carpet, she had a long white cape on that I originally thought was a part of her dress. I was thinking, “this would have looked so much better without the cape!” But it turns out it wasn’t a part of the dress and I like the cape a lot more now. This dress is simply breathtaking by just how simple and yet gorgeous it looks on her. White dresses can come off as being too bridal, this dress is far from bridal since it’s so chic. I’m also loving her jewelry.

3. Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood. This black one shoulder sequined dress is so fun and sexy! I love how it looks so sleek with the black and how it’s also glowing. I think her bob hair cut goes well with this overall look as well. The back of the dress is equally stunning with an asymmetric strap. You can never go wrong wearing a sexy black dress.