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Oscars 2012: Top 3 Best Dressed

This is kind of late, but here are my top three favorite looks from yesterday evening. I always look forward to watching the Oscars because I love both fashion and movies! I know the Oscars can be overly glamorized, but it’s still so fascinating to watch.

1. Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. I think coral is a very difficult color to wear in general, and to think how can someone pull it off on a red carpet dress! But Michelle did it, this dress looks absolutely beautiful against her pale complexion. The dress has such a unique structure and the silver bow pin is subtle yet compliments the dress. I think this is the dress where people will either love it or hate it. I looove it.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford. When I first saw her on the red carpet, she had a long white cape on that I originally thought was a part of her dress. I was thinking, “this would have looked so much better without the cape!” But it turns out it wasn’t a part of the dress and I like the cape a lot more now. This dress is simply breathtaking by just how simple and yet gorgeous it looks on her. White dresses can come off as being too bridal, this dress is far from bridal since it’s so chic. I’m also loving her jewelry.

3. Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood. This black one shoulder sequined dress is so fun and sexy! I love how it looks so sleek with the black and how it’s also glowing. I think her bob hair cut goes well with this overall look as well. The back of the dress is equally stunning with an asymmetric strap. You can never go wrong wearing a sexy black dress.


Little Black (polka dot) Dress Pairings

Over the weekend, I went shopping at H&M and found two versatile pieces at great prices! Here they are:


This dress is so lovely! It’s like a little black dress but with polka dots. It’s very tight fitted so it fits me like a glove. The picture makes it look pretty casual, but wearing it just by itself, it definitely is more of a party dress. The best part is that it was just $10!

This is a red, with a tint of orange, knitted cardigan that’s really light weight. The back of the cardigan is slightly cropped, which I think adds a nice dimension to it. I think I can wear this cardigan with just about everything. And it’s also only $10!

Like I said earlier, the black polka dot dress worn by itself is more for formal occasions and parties. But you can always transform an outfit to fit into different occasions simply by adding different pieces to it. For this post, the black polka dot is certainly the central, star of the outfit piece!

1. Casual + demure look

When I was in the fitting room, I decided to pair these two pieces together and surprisingly, it worked! The brightness of the red balances out with the black, which gives the outfit a beautiful pop of color. Though the cardigan is red and bright, I think it gives the outfit more of a relaxed, casual, demure look. It’s a great look for going shopping, doing some errands, or just having lunch with your friends and family.

2. Fun + Flirty Look

The white denim jacket is usually seen as a casual piece. However, when I tried it on with the dress, it was not only casual but it gave the outfit a very fun and flirty feel. I think the denim jacket compliments the black dress so well. You can definitely wear this outfit on a date with your significant other, going out clubbing, and to dinner parties!

3. Formal + Classy

I love blazers since they look wonderful both formally and casually. In this case, I think it made the black dress look very formal yet classy and elegant. I also have a white blazer that looked nice with the dress, but the black blazer just gives off that classy and professional mood.  I can see this outfit being worn at work or to any semi-formal parties and events.

And there you have it! There are many more pairings you can do to transform this look, you just gotta find the right items and experiment. I find it extremely fun when I can play around with my wardrobe and create a different mood for each outfit.


Recently bought items

H&M plaid shirt: I love how rustic this shirt looks. I really really like it! I love the tweed elbow patches and how there are a bit of tweed in some parts of the shirt as well. It really adds a nice touch to it. It gives me a feeling like I’m living in the countryside when I’m wearing it. It’s much thicker than the other plaid shirts I own so it’s perfect for winter.

Tela Cold Shoulder Lace Tee from Urban Outfitters: I just bought this shirt online today so I cannot wait until it arrives! It looks so simple and effortless, which are the kind of clothes I am usually drawn to. The lace at the sleeve also makes it feminine. I love these long shirts/tunic because they are so versatile. It can be a dress (worn with a belt), worn as a shirt tucked into jeans/shorts, and worn with leggings/tights.

I also got another long shirt from H&M. It’s coral, has a pocket on the side, and extremely soft! I don’t have a picture since I can’t find it on the H&M site or anywhere else. But it’s super comfy and casual. You could also make your look more fancy and formal depending on what you wear with it. Again, I love clothes with lots of versatility and function!


Christmas themed dresses!

I would choose these dresses to wear on Christmas if I could afford all of these lovely beautiful dresses from ASOS! The last one is a knitted dress and it’s definitely more casual compared to the rest. But when I think of winter and Christmas, besides hot chocolate and cute little elves, I think of knitted sweaters! I also love the color scheme of these dresses. Obviously, there is red and green since it is Christmas. But they are not the typical Christmas red and green that we usually see. The green is more of a turquoise color which I think is very refreshing and not dull. And the red here is more rich and luscious. And you can never go wrong with sparkly ivory, elegant sapphire, and angelic white. Ahhhh, I love the anticipation for Christmas!