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Hello December

I cannot believe how fast time flies. I still remember celebrating New Years back in January and now it’s already December! Though I don’t get to experience the winter snow, NorCal has been extremely windy and chilly. Along with the red holiday cups from Starbucks, gingerbread latte, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, and Christmas songs, I am quickly transitioning to the holiday spirit. This is also my last Christmas as an undergraduate college student. How exciting and scary at the same time! I absolutely cannot wait for winter break. But for now, I have to focus on the gazillion pages of papers I have to write and catch up on school readings..Wish me luck!

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Christmas themed dresses!

I would choose these dresses to wear on Christmas if I could afford all of these lovely beautiful dresses from ASOS! The last one is a knitted dress and it’s definitely more casual compared to the rest. But when I think of winter and Christmas, besides hot chocolate and cute little elves, I think of knitted sweaters! I also love the color scheme of these dresses. Obviously, there is red and green since it is Christmas. But they are not the typical Christmas red and green that we usually see. The green is more of a turquoise color which I think is very refreshing and not dull. And the red here is more rich and luscious. And you can never go wrong with sparkly ivory, elegant sapphire, and angelic white. Ahhhh, I love the anticipation for Christmas!