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My top 5 favorite makeup

1. Blush! Because I have such pale skin that almost resembles a zombie on certain cold days, I can always benefit from a nice and subtle pink/rosy blush on my cheeks. I am currently using Sonia Kashuk’s beautifying blush in pink. It’s not glittery so I like that too. It makes me look healthier! Haha.

2. Matte Lipstick: I love matte lipsticks! I prefer matte than shiny/glossy lipsticks because I like the vintage and classy look that it gives to my face. The one I’m using right now is a Sephora brand, but the color I have is peach instead of the color shown above and I absolutely adore it. The color is not too light or dark and it looks youthful.

3. Liquid Eyeliner: I’ve always liked eyeliner, but I find the pencil eyeliner particularly difficult to apply. Maybe because I was a newb. However, I recently tried liquid eyeliner and I fell in love with it! It’s much easier for me to apply liquid eyeliner for some odd reason. I am using NYC’s liquid eyeliner which is inexpensive and it’s good quality in my opinion. I love how it intensifies my overall look.

4. Matte mineral foundation: I don’t use foundation too often, but I really like this matte mineral foundation from Bare Minerals.  I like how it doesn’t irritate my skin and it looks much more natural (as if I’m not wearing makeup!) than liquid foundation. It’s also healthier for the skin so that is always a plus. :]

5. Chapstick/lip balm: I’m not sure if this is considered makeup, but I’ll include it anyways since it’s so essential for me to keep my lips moisturized. I honestly cannot live without chapstick! I’ve been using the EOS lip balm and it’s soooooo cute. I love how it looks like an egg and a half peeled lychee. I have the summer fruit flavor and it seriously smells like lychee too. I want to eat it.